Lady Comfort Socks

Lady's Comfort socks

Comfort all day long

Footlink lady's socks are made to give a luxurious soft feel on your skin, keeping your skin cool and dry at all times. The socks are breathable and they wick away moisture from your feet. The socks non-binding top promotes circulation to the lower extremities by not restricting blood flow and thus promotes comfort to the feet.
Footlink's lady socks have exceptional fit, excellent comfort, long lasting shape retention and is latex free (Natural latex can cause allergies).

  • LYCRA® fiber

    Footlink lady's socks is made with LYCRA® fiber for excellent fit and softness. LYCRA® fiber is latex free. (Natural latex cause allergies)

    - Exceptional fit
    - Excellent comfort
    - Lasting shape retention

  • TETA® soft

    Footlink lady;s socks in made with Teta® soft fiber which is a premium fiber in the textile industry. TETA® fiber creates garments that are soft, smooth, breathable and light weight.

    - Soft on skin
    - Quick-dry (3 times faster than cotton)
    - Breathable
    - Light weight

Footlink's lady's Comfort Socks

82% TETA® Soft
18% LYCRA® Fibers


Uni-size / free size: 33 to 44

Lenght: 34cm

Idea for sensitive feet and long hours use.